Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Elves and Dwarfs

Got a huge update. Things have been really busy lately. I've found a little bit of time to work on that Empire Captain, so there should be an update on him later on in the week. Unfortunately I have not had the time to make any tutorials but that should be changing pretty soon.

First up we have a Mage from the Island of Blood set. Remember that Phoenix Guard test figure? Same color scheme. Though I did fiddle around with the scheme a bit and added some white to it. The customer and I agree the color scheme looks a lot better now.

I ended up painting the mage in three parts. There's just too much intricate detail to paint in one piece.

Next up is the Phoenix Guard, with the improved color scheme. The images are really big this time. (Right click and open the link in a new tab/window to see it at full size).

And next up we have the group of 20 Dwarf Rangers. They all have the hammer/wing plastic shields from the warrior box sets.

More updates to come soon. For now I need to get some sleep! I don't think there's any new color recipes in this update, but if you are curious about what colors I used for anything, feel free to ask.

Monday, January 2, 2012

First mini of the new year.

A start, at least. After a year of painting only commissions and not finishing any figures for myself (I did start a couple projects but they got abandoned) I really intend on finishing this one. The past few years I have seen a decline in my desire to paint non-commission figures. Maybe this is the start of something bigger. Who knows, I may hit up the Golden Demons again. ;)

The first thing that you may notice on this guy is the undercoat. Normally I go with chaos black spray, but I figured I'd try something different. This is white primer along with a wash of Badab Black. Its sort of like the best of both worlds.

I am trying some more of those fabric textures again. I have promised a tutorial of this stuff in the past, and I do need to get around to finishing that too. Too many projects, too little time.

I gave the white fabric some purple shading. I figured that grey or brown shading would clash too much with the cloak or armor.

NMM steel recipe: Codex Grey, Fortress Grey, Menoth White Highlight, Morrow White, shading with a mix of Adeptus Battlegrey+Regal Blue, and shading with Chaos Black.