Saturday, July 26, 2014

Space Wolves Battleforce

Hello again. This time I have the contents of a Space Wolves Battleforce, with specific models built to supplement an existing army. There are 5 Scouts, 5 Blood Claws, 6 Grey Hunters, 9 Wolf Guard, and 1 Drop Pod (made for a Dreadnought, so it has no harnesses inside).

Here are a couple color recipes for those interested:

Yellow: Basecoat several layers of thinned Ceramite White. It's really essential for it to be smooth. Apply two thinned coats of Sunburst Yellow. Shading is done around the edges with Golden Yellow and a touch of Yellow Ink. Once the pack markings/decal is added, a highlight of Sunburst Yellow + white is painted around it. 

Frost Blades: Basecoat with a mixture of Ceramite White and Space Wolves Grey. Several thinned layers is best. Shading is done with Space Wolves Grey and a bit of Ice Blue. Highlights of very thinned White Scar are added on the edges. Using thinned white for the highlights rather than building up mixtures helps create a frosty look. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dwarfs and a Dragon Prince

Hello again. I've had a lot going on, so there's been a lack of blog posts. I've still been painting like crazy though, so there is no shortage of pictures. 

First up is the magnetized Dragon Prince from the High Elf dragon.

Next up are four Dwarf heroes.

A couple months back I posted about creating your own washes (which you can find at I came up with a new gold recipe as well as a recipe for the grey beard on the Runesmith.

The gold on the slayer was given a burnt orange wash of Yellow Ink, Dark Flesh, and Polymer Varnish. The gold was then highlighted up to Mithril Silver, and was finally given a very light glaze of the original wash. This makes the highlights look less pale and more yellow. 

The beard was basecoated with VGC Stonewall Grey. Shade with a mixture of Stonewall Grey and the black wash mixture. (I like to add a little bit more varnish and water. This makes a nice grey wash, great for shading over light basecoats). Once the wash dries, highlight with Stonewall Grey, followed by layers all the way up to white.