Monday, August 4, 2014

Forge World Salamanders Dreadnought and others

Hello again. I've got a few new additions to a Salamanders army. I'll try to include some color recipes as well.

First up is a Forge World Salamanders Dreadnought with magnetized arms. The Forge World Website shows the hammers glued to the front of the shield, which covers up all the detail in the scales. I glued it to the backside of the shield/banner instead, which I think looks much better. 

Green Armor: Basecoat Caliban Green, shade with Nuln Oil, highlight Caliban Green + Goblin Green, highlight Snot Green, highlight Scorpion Green. 

Orange Scales: Basecoat Blazing Orange (several thin layers), highlight Fiery Orange, highlight by adding in a mixture of Bad Moon Yellow and White (I have a spare bottle of this mixture handy. It's a useful color).

Next up is the new plastic Chaplain:

Black Armor: Basecoat black, highlight with darkened Eshin Grey (I put a little bit of black ink in my pots of Eshin Grey, to darken it just a bit. That way I can use that color to highlight straight over black without having to mix every time), next highlight with Mechanicus standard grey. Corners are given a touch of Codex Grey.

Bone Helmet: Basecoat P3 Menoth White Base. Shade with a mixture of Zandri Dust and Sepia wash. Highlight Menoth White Base, followed by mixtures up to Screaming Skull, followed by White Scar.

Purity Seals: Basecoat Zandri Dust. Shade with a mixture of Graveyard Earth and Sepia Wash. Highlight Zandri Dust followed by Menoth White Base. Finally touch some of the corners/edges with Screaming Skull. Lettering is added with thinned black. The red portion of the seal is painted with Scab Red, shaded with Nuln Oil, and highlighted by adding in successive amounts of Screaming Skull.

Next up are some of the new plastic Sternguard veterans. I converted two of them to hold a lascannon and a plasma cannon. This involved carving down the pre-cast shoulder pad portion of the right arm, in order to fit a new shoulder pad.

Yellow/black striped cables: From a black undercoat, basecoat the cable with Tau Ochre Light. Highlight with two thinned coats of Sunburst Yellow. Add a stripe "spiral" around the wire with black paint. This takes a lot of practice. Highlight the cables if you like, with darkened Eshin Grey (recipe above), and Sunburst Yellow + White Scar.

Next up are some Sniper Scouts. I was asked to paint the cloaks with a lava style camouflage pattern. One of the scouts was converted to hold a heavy bolter, and the scout who has his gun pointed in the air was converted to hold his weapon horizontally (to aid in transportation). 

Lava Cloak: Paint a rough lava pattern with white. Several layers works best. Next, paint over it with Golden Yellow. Using successive layers of orange and a touch of red, add variation to the pattern. Don't worry about being sloppy at this stage, and keep the lava lines wide at first. Once this is dry, go in with black and define the edges of the black spots, making the orange lines thinner in some places and wider in others. Highlight with darkened Eshin Grey (recipe above). When this is dry, drybrush a little bit of Graveyard Earth near the bottom of each cloak. Then give the cloak a light wash of Agrax Earthshade. 

Scout's Green Armor: One of the themes in this client's army is that new recruits have a slightly lighter shade of green armor. This armor was basecoated with a mixture of Caliban Green and Goblin Green. Shading was done in the cracks with thinned Caliban Green. 

Lastly we have a Drop Pod. This one has the interior troop harnesses removed, as it is intended for carrying Dreadnoughts.