Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Space Wolves Landspeeders

Here are a few photos of some Space Wolves landspeeders. I painted these a few months back but realized I never posted them on here. The photos were taken last minute at a game store, upon delivery of the commission, so it's not my usual white background setup. 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Salamanders, Characters and a High Elf

First up we have some [Tabletop Quality] bikes for a Salamanders Army. The weapons were magnetized by request, along with storm shields magnetized to the left leg. The more veteran troops will have darker green armor, and the newer recruits (Scouts, etc) will have lighter green armor.

Dark Green Armor: Basecoat with Caliban Green. Shade with Nuln Oil in the cracks. Highlight with a mixture of Caliban and Goblin Green on the edges.

Next up are two [Hero Quality] Librarians and a Thunderfire Cannon with Techmarine.

Blue Armor: Basecoat Macragge Blue. Shade with Nuln Oil. Highlight Ultramarine Blue. Highlight Ultramarine Blue + Space Wolves Grey.

Yellow Robes: Basecoat Tau Ochre Light. Highlight with Golden Yellow. Highlight with Sunburst Yellow. Highlight with a mixture of Sunburst Yellow and White.

Techmarine Red Armor: Basecoat Scab Red, wash Agrax Earthshade. Highlight Scab Red, highlight by adding in a mix of White and Bad Moon Yellow.

Lastly we have [Hero Quality] High Elf Everqueen figure.