Monday, February 11, 2013

Finished Sea Guard and some Space Wolves

First up we have some photos of the finished Sea Guard unit (25 figures) and the hero.

I believe I have listed all the colors in previous posts, but if there is something I may have missed feel free to shout.

Basing: Sand and a patch of pebbles applied with Elmer's glue. After that dried, the sand was painted with Burnt Umber acrylic ink (made by Liquitex). Drybrush of Bestial Brown, followed by Bubonic Brown. Rocks were painted with Codex Grey and then given a brown wash. Edge of the base was painted with Scorched Brown, and then patches of static grass were added with super glue.

Scorched Brown reminds me of something... There's not a great equivalent to Scorched Brown in the new range of paints. Rhinox Hide is too dark. But, I found out a great mix: Rhinox Hide (about 3 parts) and one part Doombull Brown gets you a great replacement. So, if you find yourself needing to match models that were painted a while back, give that mix a shot. 

Anyway, on to the pics:

I've also been working on some Space Wolves. This army is being painted to "Level 2" standards (Most of the stuff on this blog is Level 3 or higher). Level 2 is a little bit simpler and quicker, which makes a painted army much more affordable. This Space Wolf army has a lot of figures, so it makes sense to have it at Level 2 instead (Characters will still be Level 3).

The Grey Hunter test figure:

And some Scouts:

 And here are 10 of the Blood Claws (The army will have about 30 I think... That's why there's three power fists in there).

The color recipes for Level 2 are nearly the same as with the Level 3 figure from the last post, just a little simpler and with less highlights. 

The armor, for example, is a basecoat of The Fang, followed by a wash of Agrax Earthshade. The Fang was used to touch up areas after the wash dried, and then Fang+Russ Grey was used for highlights. 

The Wolves are waiting on decals and basing. I like to do all of this at once, so I'll do that when I have some more figures finished up.