Friday, October 31, 2014

High Elves White Lions

There's been a bit of an absence here, but I've still been painting like mad. I've got a large backlog of work to share. First up is a unit of White Lions. I'll include some of the color recipes at the bottom.

White Fur: Basecoat Zandri Dust, highlight P3 Menoth White Base, highlight P3 Menoth White Highlight, highlight Ceramite White. Shade with a mixture of Seraphim Sepia and a little bit of Zandri Dust and water. 

Silver: Basecoat Chainmail. Shade with a mixture of Nuln Oil and blue wash (repeat the wash several times in select areas; especially the blades). Highlight Chainmail, highlight the edges with Mithril Silver.

Purple Gems: Basecoat black. Highlight Liche Purple, highlight Warlock Purple, highlight with a mix of Warlock Purple and Tentacle Pink, highlight with a mix of Tentacle Pink and a little white. Add white reflections on the top. 

Green cloth: Basecoat Scaly Green, highlight by adding in white. 

Blue cloth: (The old recipe was basecoat Regal Blue and highlight with white, but as I've run out of Regal Blue, I came up with a substitution) Basecoat Macragge Blue, shade with Azurman Blue wash. Highlight Macragge Blue, highlight Ultramarine Blue, highlight Ultramarine Blue plus white.