Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Skaven Warlord

Hi everyone. Up next is a Skaven Warlord with a converted weapon. The weapon is from the plastic Stormvermin box. I'll include some color recipes at the bottom.

Red Armor: Basecoat Mephiston Red, shade with earthshade wash (several layers). Highlight Mephiston Red, highlight Blood Red, highlight Blazing Orange, highlight Fiery Orange. Paint chips with black first, and then with Mithril Silver, leaving a thin line of black around the edge. 

Steel Blade: Basecoat Leadbelcher, shade with earthshade wash and black wash (several layers). Highlight with Leadbelcher. Scratches on the blade were painted with thinned down Chainmail. Highlight the edges with Mithril Silver. Glazes of Scorpion Green and Dark Angels Green were applied after.