Thursday, December 8, 2011


Finished the Sanguinor this evening. It was a cool model to paint. Here's a couple of the color recipes:

Gold: VMC Brass, Devlan Mud, Brass, Shining Gold, Shining+Mithril, Mithril Silver, glaze of Yellow Ink + Gryphonne Sepia + Water

White: 50/50 Astronomican Grey/P3 Morrow White, Shadow Grey shading, 50/50 AG/MW, 25/75 AG/MW, MW

Sword: 50/50 Hawk Turquoise/Space Wolf Grey, highlight SWG, highlight Morrow White, shade Hawk Turquoise, shade Scaly Green.

The red recipe is the same as the Bronzeback Titan from a few weeks ago.

I'm about half way through the unit of Dwarf Longbeards. I hope to get some pictures of those up soon.

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