Sunday, September 8, 2013

5 Finished Dragon Princes and some Space Wolf Long Fangs

First up we have 5 finished Dragon Princes. There are 5 more to come.

Next are two stragglers from the Sky Claw batch

And last up is a few Long Fangs

I really liked how the Long Fangs turned out. Here's a couple new color recipes:

Shoulder pads:
Since I undercoated the models with black, I had to build up a white base on the shoulders. That was done with a few thin layers of Ceramite white. The goal is to get it as smooth as possible. The thinner the layers, the better. Once the base was sufficiently white, I painted it with a mix of white and Space Wolves Grey. Thinned Shadow Grey was used to line the crevices along the edge. Next, the black squad markings were drawn in, and then highlighted with a dark grey (I took a pot of Eshin Grey and added a few drops of black ink to darken it. It makes a great color to use as a highlight right on top of black). Once the dark grey highlight was added, I highlighted the white areas with pure white on the edges.

Caution stripes:
The caution striping on the multi-melta wires was first painted with several thin layers of Ceramite white. Once the base was good and solid, I painted a thin layer of Golden Yellow. Water it down and apply a couple coats if needed. Yellow can get chunky pretty easily. I highlighted the whole wire with a mix of Sunburst Yellow and white. Next came the black stripes. If the wire is really thick, I will try to twist the stripes around it. It can be a little difficult to draw it in correctly, but with some planning you can do it. This was done with some thinned black. Generally I won't highlight the black stripes, unless it's on a larger section of armor.

That's it for now. Up next: a Skaven Screaming Bell, 5 more Dragon Princes, a Space Wolves Vindicator, and two Land Raiders.

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