Wednesday, November 20, 2013

High Elf Heroes and an Eldar Farseer

White Robe:
Basecoat P3 Menoth White Base. Shade with Zandri Dust. Highlight Menoth White Base, then Screaming Skull, then White Scar.

White Sash:
Basecoat 50/50 Space Wolves Grey and Ceramite White. Shade with Space Wolves Grey. Highlight White Scar. Shade as needed (in the deepest recesses) with Shadow Grey.

Undercoat black. Basecoat Liche Purple. Highlight Warlock Purple, highlight 50/50 Warlock Purple/Tentacle Pink, highlight Tentacle Pink + a little white. Add reflections with White Scar.

High Elf silver armor:
Basecoat Chainmail. Shade with a mixture of Nuln Oil and Asurman Blue washes. Do several of these washes to build up deep shadows. Highlight the armor with thinned Chainmail. Try to make it as smooth of a transition as possible. Paint the edges of the armor with Mithril Silver.

Blonde hair:
Basecoat 50/50 Zandri Dust/Bubonic Brown. Shade with Sepia wash. Highlight Zandri Dust/Bubonic Brown mixture. Add white to this mixture for successive highlights.

Seafoam Green:
Basecoat Scaly Green. Shade with Scaly Green + Black. Highlight by adding white to the Scaly Green for each successive layer.

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