Wednesday, February 19, 2014

High Elf Characters and a Farseer

I've been slow at posting, but I've still been painting like crazy. I've got a few months of posts to catch up on.

I'm pretty sure I haven't posted these ones yet. Anyway, here are a few of the new High Elf characters:

Blonde Hair: I begin with a basecoat of Zandri Dust. A GW Sepia wash is then applied. Highlights are painted with Zandri Dust, followed by P3 Menoth White Base, then by adding white. A final glaze of Sepia and a touch of Yellow Ink can be applied to make the hair more golden. Be sure to thin it down a lot... a little yellow goes a long way.

The magic globe was painted with Space Wolves Grey. The parts closer to the hand were blended to a mixture of Ice Blue and P3 Arcane Blue. Shading was done with Regal Blue. Highlights were made on the globe by adding in white. For a final touch, I thinned down some pure white and painted faint dots on the globe.

Next up we have an Eldar Farseer:

Purple Gems: The gems were basecoated with black. Liche Purple was then painted all over, leaving a thin black line all the way around. Warlock Purple was applied to the lower half in a crescent shape. Tentacle Pink was added to the Warlock Purple for the next crescent highlighted, followed by Pink on it's own. A touch of white mixed with pink was painted for the last highlight at the bottom of each gem. Lastly, each gem was given two tiny dots of white paint on the top.

Leather (all figures): Basecoat with Scorched Brown (If you don't have this older paint, you can get an exact match by mixing the new Rhinox Hide with about 30% Doombull Brown). Wash with Nuln Oil. Highlight with Scorched Brown. Highlight with Dark Flesh (Or Doombull Brown). Highlight with Vermin Brown, Highlight with Vomit Brown (Or Tau Ochre Light) on the very edges.

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