Friday, May 30, 2014

High Elf Dragon

Here is a High Elf Dragon, one of this month's many projects...

The mage is magnetized in the saddle. I'll be painting the magnetized dragon prince rider next.

The red skin/scales on the dragon were painted as follows:

Grey primer. Basecoat Mephiston Red. Wash with a mixture of Baal Red and Earthshade. Highlight Mephiston Red, followed by Khador Red Base (P3). Add white and yellow to the KRB for highlights (I have a bottle of Bad Moon Yellow mixed with White. It's handy for highlights).
Once the skin is done, basecoat the scales with Scab Red. Wash with Earthshade and Baal Red. Highlight Scab Red, followed by Mephiston Red, then Khador Red Base, then Fiery Orange.

Stone base:
Basecoat VGC Cold Grey. Wash with Earthshade. Drybrush Cold Grey, drybrush VGC Stonewall Grey. Mix in (P3) Menoth White Highlight for successive drybrushes. Apply washes/glazes selectively of each of the following: Nuln Oil, Scorched Brown, Catachan Green.

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