Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ogryns, High Elves, and a few others

Things have been busy! Here are a few of the figures to recently cross my paint desk. I'll list a few of the color recipes along the way...


Skin: Basecoat Cadian Fleshtone, shade with a mixture of Reikland Flesh Shade and a little bit of Cadian Fleshtone (This makes it lighter and slightly opaque). Highlight Cadian Fleshtone and layer up to Elf Flesh, followed by Elf Flesh mixed with white. Water, Flesh Shade and a little bit of Scab Red were mixed together to glaze over the scars. 

Red gun: Basecoat Scab Red. Shade with Nuln Oil. Highlight Scab Red. Highlight the edges by adding in progressive amounts of Elf Flesh. 

Armor: Basecoat Catachan Green. Shade with Agrax Earthshade. Highlight Catachan Green, highlight by adding in successive amounts of Zandri Dust. 


Bronze armor: Basecoat VGC Brass. Shade with a mixture of Agrax Earthshade and Scorched Brown. Highlight VGC Bright Bronze. Highlight with a mixture of Bronze and Mithril Silver. Glaze over the armor with a mixture of water and Chestnut Ink. 

Blue/Green Cape: Basecoat Scaly Green. Shade with Nuln Oil. Highlight by adding progressive amounts of white into the Scaly Green basecoat. 

Yellow on the shield: Basecoat with several thin layers of white. Get a good, even coat. Coat the areas with thinned Sunburst Yellow. Shade with Golden Yellow followed by a mixture of golden yellow and Fiery Orange. Highlight the edges with Bad Moon Yellow mixed with White. 

Feathers: Basecoat with VGC Stonewall Grey. Shade with a mixture of Stonewall Grey and Earthshade (It will be a lighter, slightly opaque color). Highlight with Stonewall Grey mixed with white, followed by white on its own. Paint the tips of the feathers black. Highlight with Eshin Grey, followed by Mech. Standard Grey. 

Stone on the base: Basecoat Mech. Standard Grey. Shade with Agrax Earthshade. Highlight (drybrush) Mech. Standard Grey. Highlight Dawnstone. Highlight with a mixture of Dawnstone and Screaming Skull. 

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