Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Space Wolf Drop Pods and more Moria Goblins

First up is the Drop Pod. I painted three of them for this army, though only one is pictured. All the colors I used are the same as the other Space Wolf figures I've done (They are listed below somewhere, but feel free to ask if you can't find them). The interior was mostly drybrushed. The weathering near the base of the pod was painted with thinned Graveyard Earth, followed by Earthshade and thinned black paint.

Next up are some more Moria Goblins. This is the second to last batch for this army (which is already pretty massive). I was not able to get a picture of 36 or so more Gundabad Blackshields.

That's it for now. Coming up next: More Space Wolves, High Elf Dragon Princes, and maybe even a showcase quality miniature painted for myself.

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