Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Space Wolves and a High Elf Dragon Prince

For the 10 Skyclaws, I found it easiest to paint the jump packs separately. That way I could still access the shoulderpads and apply decals.

It's been a while since I posted some of the color recipes, so I'll share some of them again.

Gold: Basecoat with VMC Brassy Brass, wash of Earthshade, highlight Shining Gold, highlight Shining Gold + Mithril Silver. Afterwards, apply a thinned down glaze of Sepia wash, a small amount of water and Yellow Ink. The yellow ink really brightens up the Mithril Silver highlights on the edges, but be careful not to overdo it. Give it a shot sometime.

Wolf Pelts: Basecoat Mechanicus Standard Grey. Wash of Earthshade. Drybrush Dawnstone, drybrush Dawnstone + Screaming Skull

Grenades: Basecoat Camo Green. Wash Thraka Green. Wash Earthshade. Paint metal areas black. Basecoat Chainmail. Black wash.

Wolf Armor: Basecoat the Fang. Shade in the cracks with Earthshade. Highlight the Fang, highlight Fang plus Russ Grey.

Purity Seals: Paint black. Basecoat paper with Graveyard Earth. Highlight Zandri Dust. Basecoat wax seal with Scab Red. Highlight Scab Red + White.

Next up is another test figure for the High Elf army I did a while back. This is for a unit of 10 Dragon Princes.

Some of the color recipes:

Horse: Basecoat VMC Fortress Grey. Shade with Nuln Oil mixed with a touch of Fortress Grey and some water (it makes a dark grey wash which I find pretty handy for lots of things). Highlight Fortress Grey plus white in several stages. Highlights were omitted in later stages on the tail, and it was given an extra grey wash along with a black wash.

Gold: Same as the Space Wolves above, but in several more stages.

Silver: Basecoat Chanmail. Shade with Black wash mixed with Asurman Blue wash. Highlight Chainmail. Highlight Mithril Silver on all the edges.

Green: Basecoat Scaly Green. Highlight by adding in white.

Blue: Basecoat Regal Blue, highlight by adding in white.

Red: Basecoat Mephiston Red. Highlight Blood Red, highlight Blazing Orange, highlight Fiery Orange on the very edges.

That's it for now. Thanks for following. Stay tuned!

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