Sunday, August 7, 2011

Confrontation figure

Well, I've been totally burned out with painting for a while now. With a couple rare exceptions, I haven't really painted any figures for myself for at least a year. I decided to try and get a new side project started for myself and dusted off some Rackham blister packs.

The one I chose to start was "Kelzaral The Diabolical", and this is how far I got tonight.

I will be doing a purple glowing effect coming from the ground. I think it makes him look more sinister. The light will be brighter near the bottom of the figure.

Here's the weapon so far. NMM of course ;) Still not sure if I will add any oxidation, dirt or blood to the blade. I'm tempted to keep it clean. This is the side that will be facing away from the light, so I'll be adding the purple reflections to the other side.

If I end up doing some oxidation to the blade I'll include some step by step photos of my process.


  1. Love the NMM. Any step by step tutorials of it?

  2. Actually I've already got one of those. Check it out here: