Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Death Company finished, Dwarfs started, and a new Grey Knight.

It's been a busy week. Finished the backpacks on the Death Company, so now the unit is all done and ready to ship. The squad has both sets of backpacks with magnets in them. I included a shot of how the magnets were glued in. Very little drilling needed. The 1/8th inch magnets fit snugly into holes that are already in the backpacks... all that I really had to drill out was the body. Remember when magnetizing parts, make sure to get the polarity of the magnets right! Otherwise you will have parts that repel instead of attract.

Next up is the first test model for that big Dwarf army. I've been looking forward to painting this stuff for a while now. I'll be doing one test model for each regiment before I begin the assembly-line painting.

And last up is a Grey Knight test model for another army. Very quick and basic color scheme.

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